Crepe Chiffon Dress with Shoes and Headband for 3-9 months

Color your baby’s day with Rainbow as you fashionably declare a catwalk in your girl’s daily activities. Make it a baby ramp with this cute crepe chiffon dress with matching booties / ballerina and headband set with floral elements.


  • Pretty Design of Baby Crepe Dress, Booties / Ballerina shoes and matching Hair Accessories
  • High quality fabric and construction.
  • Velcro Closure for the Baby Booties for easy dressing
  • Soft sole, comfortable and give enough space for the baby's feet to move and wiggle.


Zuri Baby Couture

Available size: 

  • Dress: 3-9 months
  • Baby Booties/ Ballerina: 11.43cm, soft sole ideal for 3-9months


  • Zuri Baby Couture Crepe dress is made of Crepe Chiffon fabric. The size is ideal for babies 3-9 months. 
  • Zuri Baby Couture Baby Booties / Ballerina shoes is made of high quality materials such as cotton or suede. The Baby shoes has a padded cushion with cotton lining. The size of the shoes is 11.43cm, they have soft and flexible sole.
  • Zuri Baby Couture Baby headband is made of hypoallergenic elastics, fabric flowers and with felt backing for comfort and safety.

Shipping and Delivery: 

All items will be shipped from Singapore globally.

What's in the box:

Includes a Crepe dress, one pair of Booties / Ballerina and a matching Headband.

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