Zuri Baby Couture guarantees its customers that all available products for selling on the website are new and best of its well-known quality. In any proven cases that a client, who purchased products from our shopping cart, found the delivered item/s incorrect, damaged, or in a poor quality, the client is eligible for a refund of payment or product replacement within three (3) days from the date of purchase. Should this rare case occur, you can directly contact us at +632.801.4951/EMAIL, so we can better assist you.

Since we value the issues raised by our loyal customers and we also give importance to premium quality and good customer service, we are providing the following conditions based on Zuri Baby Couture’s fair practice of business, which is line with the provisions of the return and exchange policy of Department of Trade and Industry.

  • If the product is proven and found to be damaged or has lower quality than what is expected, client has the right to return the item within three (3) from the date of its purchase. Zuri Baby Couture must be notified within 24 hours upon arrival of product at the client’s filed shipping address. The client has two options upon return: getting a refund of its payment through bank deposit, money transfer or cancellation of credit card transaction; or replacing the defective product with a new one if the returned product still has available stocks on its inventory. Zuri Baby Couture has the responsibility of cancelling the transaction or requesting the credit card provider for a returned bill through PayPal. For product replacement, if the client chooses a product with a higher value or a different product with a different design compared to the returned item (in case there is no more size or stock available), the client shall pay the needed payment in completion to the total amount of the newly purchased product. Free shipping shall be only applied, in which Zuri Baby Couture shoulders the courier fee, to the replacement of defective or poor quality products. For the product returns and replacements due to an order of products with wrong size/s, client has to pay the shipping fee.
  • The product is not subject under these return and refund conditions, if the damage or defect is proven and found to be caused by the client. Every reported case for return and refund is subject for proper investigation.
  • Zuri Baby Couture shall shoulder the shipping cost and arrange the delivery for every incorrect product sent to the client, which involves the return of the product from the client’s location to Zuri Baby Couture’s Manila office. Should a product failed to arrive within the stated business days based on the Shipping and Delivery Information of Zuri Baby Couture due to factors that resulted from the courier, other parties, and inevitable calamities and national events, we shall pay for the additional shipping cost and get an insurance claim with the courier partner.
  • The client can neither return or request for a return or request if he/she found out that other merchants are selling the same products that he/she bought from us for a cheaper price. This is in reference to the completed order and transaction with the final payment settlement, and the non-existence of any damage/defect on the product. Every client is eligible to choose and make a canvass of prices from other stores. A return and refund is also not acceptable if the client has changed his/her mind to buy the product, if the transaction is done and payment has been made.
  • In such given cases, Zuri Baby Couture reserves the right to choose the proper payment method for the client’s refunds, if via cash transfer, bank deposit, check, or return of bill for credit card.

For inquiries, you may contact us at +632.801.4951/EMAIL: