Baby Girl Ballet Flat Shoes with matching Headband for babies 12-18 months: Barbie Pink

Your little baby ballerina is dancing with her feet turning up and pointing down! And yes, your cutie baby dream of being the prima ballerina would come true with Zuri Baby Couture Ballerina shoes and headband set collection.

  • Pretty Design of Baby Ballerina and matching Hair Accessories
  • High quality fabric and construction.
  • Soft sole, comfortable and give enough space for the baby's feet to move and wiggle.

Zuri Baby Couture

Available size:
  • 13.95cm with anti-skid sole, for 12-18 months and up to 24months
  • Zuri Baby Couture Baby shoes is made of high quality materials such as satin. The Baby shoes has a padded cushion and with a soft cotton lining for maximum comfort. The 13.95cm are with anti-skid sole and perfect for toddlers.
  • Zuri Baby Couture Baby headband is made of hypoallergenic elastics, fabric flowers and with felt backing for comfort and safety.

Shipping and Delivery:

All items will be shipped from Singapore globally.

What's in the box:

Includes one pair of Baby Ballerina shoes and a matching Headband.

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